Learning Strategies of ELT Students for IELTS Test Preparation to Meet English Learning Outcomes





preparation; English learning outcome; IELTS test; learning strategies; IELTS mocks


The present research aimed to examine the learning strategies for the IELTS test preparation to meet the English learning outcomes (ELOs) used by students majoring in English Language Teaching (ELT) in Vietnamese universities, especially at the University of Foreign Language Studies – the University of Da Nang (UFLS-UD) and provided solutions to improve their IELTS test preparation efficiency. Data were collected from the questionnaires completed by 120 English language teaching (ELT) students, the in-depth interviews with 10 student informants, 5 experts in English teaching, and 10 students who have taken the IETLS test to meet the ELOs. The findings showed that most student informants chose the IELTS test to meet the ELOs requirements and did some preparation for the test. Regarding the learning strategies, practicing English pronunciation and communication skills were used for speaking, listening to the audio, watching English videos for listening, reading the IELTS writing samples, and learning grammar for writing. To overcome problems faced by informants, some suggested solutions were proposed, such as employing self-study strategies, practicing the IELTS sample test, attending IELTS courses, sitting for the IELTS mocks, and finding support from lecturers.

Author Biographies

  • Luu Quy Khuong, University of Foreign Language Studies – the University of Da Nang, Vietnam

    LUU Quy Khuong (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) is a high-rank lecturer of English at University of Foreign Language Studies-UD. He has been working in the field of TEFL and teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language. He has many publications in applied linguistics and contrastive linguistics nationwide and worldwide. (http://scv.udn.vn/lqkhuong)

  • Luu Ngoc Bao Trang, University of Foreign Language Studies – the University of Da Nang, Vietnam

    LUU Ngoc Bao Trang is now a third-year student in Faculty of Foreign Language Teacher Education, UFLS-UD, Vietnam. She is majored in English Language Teaching. Beside TEFL, she is also interested in SLA, translation and CALL. Her email: trangluungocbao@gmail.com


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Luu, Q. K., & Luu, N. B. T. (2022). Learning Strategies of ELT Students for IELTS Test Preparation to Meet English Learning Outcomes. International Journal of TESOL & Education, 2(3), 308-323. https://doi.org/10.54855/ijte.222321

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