Dificulties when studying away from home


  • Hinh Sai Nghiem Van Lang University
  • Tuyen Thi Kim Le Van Lang University
  • Thu Ngoc Anh Ly Van Lang University
  • Van Y Tang Van Lang University
  • Thu Thi Minh Phan Van Lang University


away from home, difficulties, studies


This study points out the difficulties of being away from home and shows that going away from home is not easy, showing the importance of homesickness and the challenges of going away.  We divide each other to collect data from 416 out of 735 students far away from home, such as Van Lang students University and other universities, especially college freshmen, to survey and analyze. Finally, through research, we find that there are some differences between male and female, between first-year college students living in dormitories located inside the campus and those living in boarding houses outside the campus, between freshman and university students of other courses about homesickness levels, score achievements and other issues. However, most of the students away from home miss their friends and family very much. The financial, environmental, social issues show that they all think that studying away from home is not easy as they thought.


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