Using Stories in Presenting English Grammar to Vietnamese Young Learners


  • Nguyet Minh Nguyen Vietnam National University


grammar teaching techniques, young learners, learning through stories


Despite the development of the communicative language teaching (CLT) approach in recent years, explicit grammar instruction remains an indispensable element in English teaching and learning and needs to be paid more attention to, especially when Vietnamese teachers are struggling at presenting grammar to young EFL learners. With an investigation into 5th-graders’ grammar lessons delivered by native English-speaking teachers at Vietnam-Australia School, Hanoi, the research aims at (1) describing the way stories are employed in grammar lessons; (2) exploring teachers’ beliefs and (3) students’ opinions towards this technique. The research adopts a case study research design with various data collection instruments, including classroom observation, surveys, and semi-structured interviews. The result reveals that using stories is perceived to be effective in presenting grammar to young learners by both teachers and most students. It can inform both native and non-native English teachers of this technique’s employment in grammar lessons and Vietnamese students’ attitudes towards it.

Author Biography

Nguyet Minh Nguyen, Vietnam National University

Nguyet Minh Nguyen is currently an English lecturer at Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Faculty of English language teacher education. She graduated from Korea University with a master’s degree in English Education. Her interests include teaching EFL to young learners, technology application in EFL teaching, and English applied linguistics.


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