Students’ perception of “American English File Multipack 3” – a study at people’s security university




American English File Multipack 3, coursebook, perception, students


Coursebooks are of the utmost importance to language classes, and selecting a good textbook is of great value. Amongst them, the coursebook American English File Multipack 3 (AEF3) was chosen and has been used at People's Security University (PSU) for six years now. This study was designed to have a more critical view of AEF3 that could help identify features of the coursebook from PSU students' perspectives. Due to the scope of the study, only five aspects, namely Layout and design, Activities, Skills, Language type and Subject and content, were chosen to be investigated. In this study, a quantitative method was opted to conduct, and the data were accumulated through coursebook evaluation form returned by 85 students. The findings of the study revealed that under students' perspective, although there existed certain drawbacks in AEF3, was still evaluated positively. And thus, it is obvious that AEF3 is an appropriate coursebook for the context of PSU.

Author Biographies

Le Thi Thu Phuong, People's Security University, Vietnam

Le Thi Thu Phuong, M.A. in English language, has been working as a teacher of Faculty of Foreign Languages and Informatics at People’s Security University since 2012. Her areas of interests are material evaluation, testing and English teaching methodology.

Tran Hoang Anh, People's Security University, Vietnam

Tran Hoang Anh, a post-graduate student at People’s Security University, has been a teacher of the Faculty of Basic Vocational Tasks at People’s Security University. His main interests are theory of protecting national security, teaching methodology, and research methodology. He is the main author of two science research projects at university level and 15 articles released on specialized journals and international conferences.


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